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How do I adjust my sleep mask to get the 100% blackout effect?

Watch the video below for bonus tips and a demonstration of these written steps:

  1. Slide the mask over your head with the curvy edge over your nose and the strap above or outside your ears.
  2. Slide the buckle until the strap is just tight enough to keep the mask from slipping down when you’re sitting up. The tighter you adjust the strap, the less likely there will be light gaps. But if the eye cups are in the right position for you, then you should not need to make the strap tight to get a full blackout.
  3. If you see any light gaps, remove the mask, detach the eye cups and reposition them to align with the sides of your nose. Tips:
    • You can slightly rotate the eye cups and/ or move them further or closer apart, as shown with the yellow arrows and in the video below.
    • Most face shapes get the best results with the pointy ends of the eye cups pointing up over the nose on a diagonal angle, as shown below. You might also try it with the pointy ends pointing straight out towards your temples or straight in towards your nose.
    • Leave a small gap between the eye cups to allow for bending.
    • Keep the bottom curves of the eye cups flush or slightly below the bottom curves of the mask, as shown below in green.

      How to Adjust OwlzzZ Sleeping Mask

What head sizes does your sleep mask fit?

OwlzzZ sleep eye mask is sized to fit most adult small to large heads, so it may also fit some teens. We size our masks by measuring head circumferences in the actual position where your sleeping mask is worn—across your eyes, over or above your ears without pressing the ears down, and around the back of your head (see photo below). 

When measured in this way, the smallest head circumference our sleep mask can fit without the elastic strap being stretched is approximately 20.5” (52 cm). The largest circumference it can fit with no stretch is approximately 24.5” (62.25 cm). However, the elastic can be stretched, adding up to around 1” to the circumference; so our sleep mask may fit heads up to approximately 25.5” (64.75 cm). Some people prefer a loose fit with no stretch while others prefer a tight fit, so please consider your comfort preference when measuring.

How to Measure for OwlzzZ Sleep Eye Mask
For example: this person’s head measures 21.5” where the sleep mask is worn. This is within the 20.5”–25.5” head circumferences that OwlzzZ Sleep Mask will fit.
Does your sleep mask touch eyelash extensions?

We have worked with eyelash technicians to confirm the 3D eye cups in our sleep mask fit around most eyelash extensions in the average to shorter lash lengths that most people request. Extra long, dramatic length eyelash extensions may touch the mask. Because each person has a different eye socket depth and some people prefer to wear their mask tight versus loose, we apologize we cannot specify an eyelash extension length that would always fit without touching our sleeping mask. If your eye covers initially touche your eyelashes, try rotating the eye cups so the tapered end points out towards your temples and loosen the strap so it doesn’t compress the depth of the eye cups.

At this time we only make one size eye cup, but we may make an extra deep eye cup for extra long eyelash extensions in the future. If you’d like to see this feature, please let us know on our Contact Us page and follow us on social media at @OwlzzzSleep to find out when it launches.

Is this a “no pressure” sleep eye mask?

Some sleep masks use the term “no pressure” as an overall description, which we feel is misleading because all materials have an inherent weight that creates some amount of pressure on anything they touch. We don’t want to mislead anyone, so we only use the term “no pressure” very literally to describe the body parts that our mask does not normally touch. So we can say OwlzzZ Sleep Mask puts no pressure on eyelids or eyelashes thanks to its deep, 3D eye covers.

We'd also say OwlzzZ Sleep Mask creates "very little pressure" on the areas it does touch because we use lightweight materials and designed our eye covers in a shape that should allow you to wear the strap fairly loose and still get a full blackout effect. Conversely, many other sleeping masks rely on people wearing the strap very tight to compress the mask against the eye area, thus reducing the amount of light getting in. This is why many sleep masks cannot create a true blackout effect, at least not without wearing the mask so tight as to be unbearable. We believe you’ll find OwlzzZ does not have this problem.


How do you fold the mask back into its pouch?

To prevent deformation, reduce creasing, and make the mask easy to fit into the pouch, we recommend this folding method (see video below):

    1. Lay the mask on a flat surface with the front side facing up.
    2. If you’re right-handed, then use your right hand to fold the mask in half from left to right (or vice-versa if you're left-handed).
    3. Use the same hand to pick up the folded mask, then use your other hand to pull the elastic away from the mask, so the side straps lay flat against the eye cups.
    4. Slide the mask into the pouch with the elastic end going in first.
    5. Pull the pouch cords in opposite directions to cinch it closed.



    Should I wash my face before every wear?

    We recommend washing your face and removing all makeup before each wear. This will help keep your mask clean and prevent acne/ maskne. The cleaner your mask stays, the less often you’ll need to wash it, so the longer it will last. 

    Should I wash my sleep mask before the first wear?

    We recommend washing your eye shades before your first wear. Although it should be clean and safe to wear without washing, it has been made by various hands and will touch your face close to your eyes for several hours at a time. Be sure to follow the washing instructions below.

    How often should I wash my sleep mask?

    If you notice acne/ maskne forming where the eye covers touch your skin or you see a color change anywhere in the mask, then it’s past time to wash your sleeping mask. To prevent these effects, you may like to wash your blind fold as often as you wash your bedsheets or pajamas.

    How should I wash my sleep mask and storage pouch?

    For best results, we recommend using eco-friendly, sensitive, or baby laundry detergent because they contain less harsh chemicals. This will reduce the risk of residual detergent irritating your eyes or skin. Do not use bleach. Do not dry clean. Hand wash your mask in cold water (around 85ºF/ 30ºC). Squeeze or press the water out, but do not wring. Lay flat to air dry. Do not tumble dry.

    If you’d prefer to machine wash, you can, but this increases the risk of damaging your blindfold and creates a risk of the hook fasteners snagging things. You can reduce these risks by placing your sleeping mask in a mesh laundry bag, using a gentle or hand wash cycle, washing the mask without other items in the machine, and following all the other washing instructions already mentioned.

    Your OwlzzZ storage pouch may be washed separately (without the mask inside) using any of the methods mentioned above. However, we recommend washing the pouch as infrequently as possible because the printing can flake off.

    Can I iron my sleep mask?

    While our official recommendation is “Do not iron", if you carefully follow our instructions below, you can get wrinkles out by ironing only the mask’s head band fabric area. Never iron the storage pouch, elastic band, or eye cups.

    To iron your sleep mask's head band: first remove the eye cups, then iron the fabric mask band (not the elastic) using medium to medium-high heat (or "cotton” setting) with moderate to no steam. Use quick strokes; do not leave the iron in the same spot for more than one or two seconds. If you notice a smell, stop immediately to prevent melting the foam inside the band.

    Customer Service

    What is your 100% Blackout Guarantee?

    With fully adjustable features that should perfectly fit any adult, our 100% Blackout Guarantee is that OwlzzZ Sleep Mask will totally block all light from your eyes when properly fitted (according to our FAQ “Fitting” section, above). If it doesn't, we'll give your money back!

    This 100% Blackout Guarantee does not apply if you wear our products with any other device on your face, head, ears, or hair, including but not limited to: face masks, CPAP machine masks, orthodontic headgear, halo braces, hats, headbands, hair ties, headphones, earbuds, piercings, or glasses. This guarantee only applies to people with head circumferences within our product’s specified measurements, so please measure the wearer before purchasing. This guarantee is non-transferable and valid only for authentic OwlzzZ products with proof of purchase from this website within the past 30 days. To submit a guarantee claim, please use our Contact Us form.

    What are your shipping policies and options?

    Please see our Shipping Policy page, which includes how to get international shipping outside the United States.

    What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept credit and debit cards from VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Facebook Pay.

    What are your return and refund policies?

    Please see our Refund Policy page.

    What if my sleep mask doesn’t look perfect?

    Our products are designed in the US and carefully handmade in China. Minor imperfections are inherent features that prove your item was made by a real human. If for some reason your item does not function as described, please Contact Us so we can correct it.

    How can I contact customer service?

    Please use the form on our Contact Us page.