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Best Sleep Mask Ever

I have never had a sleep mask that is this comfortable and is compatible with a full face c-pap mask not to mention pure blackout.

Kevin, we’re so glad to hear our sleep mask is still comfortable and provides a pure blackout even with your full-face C-PAP mask. I’m sure others will be glad to know this, so thank you very much for sharing. – Danielle Glick, Founder

Danielle S.
Adjustments worked great

My husband and I took turns driving through the night and used this mask to get some sleep. So nice that it's adjustable and doesn't pinch my nose down like other masks have done. And no space for light to get in when we went through areas with street lights!

Danielle, I’m sure a lot of people have experienced how annoying street lights are when you’re trying to sleep on an overnight road trip, so I’m glad to hear OwlzzZ was able to block those lights for you both. Thank you for sharing your experience. – Danielle Glick, Founder

Kevin K.

Never had anything comparable!

Thank you, Kevin, for writing the most accurate review in the least amount of words. We love it! – Danielle Glick, Founder

Amanda Moss
Best Sleepmask ever

I have been sleeping with this mask for about a week now and as a long time mask wearer, I can confidently say I have found the one. The mask I will continue to purchase for home/travel. The eye domes are the perfect size to promote comfort. I love the soft band on the sides. I never realized how much more comfortable a sleep mask could be! The adjustable band is also very quality and helps me get the perfect fit without the pulling and wearing out that Velcro does. On top of it all, the seller was very helpful with a shipping issue I was experiencing. Overall, my recommendation is stop scrolling and buy now! You won't regret it!

Amanda, We are elated you have found OwlzzZ to be “the one” best sleep mask ever! This means a lot to us coming from a longtime sleep mask wearer, like you. Many sleep masks claim to be comfortable, so I’m proud to hear OwlzzZ is more comfortable than you ever realized a sleep mask could be. Thank you very much for your review and recommendation for everyone to buy one! – Danielle Glick, Founder

Jeffrey Slater
Surprisingly comfortable, great product!

UPDATE: The seller reached out to me and apologized for a production run that had come out smaller than it was supposed to; apparently I’m the only one with a head big enough to have been a problem! They quickly sent me a replacement and it fits great. In fact, I find it surprisingly comfortable. Eyepiece adjustment was easier too, which makes sense with a proper fit. I’m grateful to have found this product, an easy five stars!

Original review:
This seems to be a great product, but the strap is too small and squeezes my head even when adjusted to its largest size. I've been wearing it for shorter spans and it seems to be stretching out some. If it stretches out enough, then it will indeed be an excellent sleep mask. (Adjusting the eye piece locations takes a fair amount of trial and error, too.)

Jeffrey, We're very glad to hear your replacement fits comfortably and was easy to adjust! Our sleep masks can have minor variance in size depending on how they were sewn, so you probably had received one of the smallest variants from the production run that came out smaller than we'd specified. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have a big head, and there is nothing wrong with that if you do. :-) The sizing has been fixed in future productions, so hopefully no one will get a mask that is too small again. We really appreciate you updating your review! – Danielle Glick, Founder