About Us

Our Story

Our founder, Danielle Glick, has always loved shooting landscape photography, especially sunsets over water. In summer 2023, she moved to a property on Tampa Bay facing west, so she could easily enjoy sunsets over the water every night. After multiple nights of the sunset being too spectacular and too panoramic to accurately capture in photos, she switched to video. And thus, OwlzzZ Relaxation was born!

However, Danielle waited until she had filmed over 100 videos before she began publishing them on YouTube in March 2024. This ensured she enjoyed the process and found enough different content in the landscape to continue creating videos perhaps indefinitely. As a result, OwlzzZ has a huge back catalog of increasingly better videos filmed in a variety of scenic locations in Florida, Lake Erie, and Italy… all coming to the OwlzzZ Relaxation YouTube channel.

Our Company

OwlzzZ was founded in 2021 and originally sold blackout sleep masks. We now create scenic and relaxing videos to help people relieve stress, fall asleep, escape, and connect with nature.