Fitting Your OwlzzZ Sleep Mask

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How do I adjust my sleep mask to get the 100% blackout effect?

Each OwlzzZ mask and each human face are slightly different, so some people find our blindfold instantly fits perfectly while others need to adjust it a few times. The good news is once you find your perfect fit, it’s usually worth the effort, and you shouldn’t have to adjust it ever again!

Watch this video for a demonstration and check the extra tips written below: 

  1. Slide the mask over your head with the curvy edge over your nose and the strap above or outside your ears.
  2. Slide the buckle until the strap is just tight enough to keep the mask from slipping down when you’re sitting up.
    • The tighter you adjust the strap, the less light gaps you should see. But if the eye cups are in the perfect position for you, then you should not need the strap to be tight to achieve a full blackout.
  3. If you see any light gaps, remove the mask, detach the eye cups and reposition them to align with the sides of your nose. Also try:
    • Slightly rotate the eye cups and/ or move them further or closer apart, as shown in the video and yellow arrows in the diagram below. Often, a tiny adjustment makes a big difference!
    • Most face shapes get the best results with the pointy ends of the eye cups pointing up over the nose on a diagonal angle, as shown below. However, you might also try it with the pointy ends pointing out towards your temples or straight in towards your nose.
    • Leave a small gap (approximately 1–5 mm) between the eye cups to allow for bending.
    • Keep the bottom curves of the eye cups flush or slightly below the bottom curves of the mask, as shown with green arcs in the diagram below.
    • Swap each eye cup to the opposite eye. (Our eye cups and most faces are not exactly symmetrical, so sometimes an eye cup just fits better on the other side!)

      How to Adjust OwlzzZ Sleeping Mask
  4. Side sleepers: if your mask fits perfectly until you roll over, then after you’ve rolled, lift your head up a bit and put your mask in its perfect blackout position. Then place your head straight down on the pillow, so the foam gets compressed in that perfect position. This should remove any tiny light gaps and alleviate pressure from odd places.

Note you may not be able to achieve 100% blackout if you wear OwlzzZ Sleep Mask with any other device on your face, head, ears, or hair, including but not limited to: face masks, CPAP machine masks, orthodontic headgear, halo braces, hats, headbands, hair ties, headphones, earbuds, piercings, or glasses. Your head circumference should also fall within our product’s specified measurements.

What head sizes does your sleep mask fit?

OwlzzZ sleep eye mask is sized to fit most adults and teens. We size our masks by measuring head circumferences in the actual position where your sleeping mask is worn—across your eyes, over or above your ears without pressing the ears down, and around the back of your head (see photo below).

When measured in this way, the smallest head circumference our sleep mask can fit without the elastic strap being stretched is approximately 20.25” (51.4 cm). The largest circumference it can fit with the elastic stretched is approximately 26” (66 cm) or more, depending on the amount of stretch. Some people prefer a loose fit with no stretch while others prefer a very tight fit, so please consider your comfort preference if your head circumference is very close to these minimum or maximum measurements.

How to Measure for OwlzzZ Sleep Eye Mask
For example: this person’s head measures 21.5” where the sleep mask is worn. This is within the measurements of OwlzzZ Sleep Mask.
Does your sleep mask touch eyelash extensions?

We have worked with eyelash technicians to confirm the 3D eye cups in our sleep mask fit around most eyelash extensions in the average to shorter lash lengths that most people request. Extra long, dramatic length eyelash extensions may touch the mask. Because each person has a different eye socket depth and some people prefer to wear their mask tight versus loose, we apologize we cannot specify an eyelash extension length that would always fit without touching our sleeping mask. If your eye covers initially touche your eyelashes, try rotating the eye cups so the tapered end points out towards your temples and loosen the strap so it doesn’t compress the depth of the eye cups.

At this time we only make one size eye cup, but we may make an extra deep eye cup for extra long eyelash extensions in the future. If you’d like to see this feature, please let us know on our Contact Us page and follow us on social media at @OwlzzzSleep to find out when it launches.

Is this a “no pressure” sleep eye mask?

Some sleep masks use the term “no pressure” as an overall description, which we feel is misleading because all materials have an inherent weight that creates some amount of pressure on anything they touch. We don’t want to mislead anyone, so we only use the term “no pressure” very literally to describe the body parts that our mask does not normally touch. So we can say OwlzzZ Sleep Mask puts no pressure on eyelids or eyelashes thanks to its deep, 3D eye covers.

We'd also say OwlzzZ Sleep Mask creates "very little pressure" on the areas it does touch because we use lightweight materials and have designed our eye covers in a shape that should allow you to wear the strap fairly loose and still get a full blackout effect. Conversely, many other sleeping masks rely on people wearing the strap very tight to compress the mask against the eye area, thus reducing the amount of light getting in. This is why many sleep masks cannot create a true blackout effect, at least not without wearing the mask so tight as to be unbearable. We believe you’ll find OwlzzZ does not have this problem.