Washing OwlzzZ Sleep Mask

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Should I wash my face before every wear?

Yes, we recommend washing your face and removing all makeup before each wear. This will help keep your mask clean and prevent acne/ maskne. The cleaner your mask stays, the less often you’ll need to wash it, so the longer it will last.

Should I wash my sleep mask before the first wear?

Yes, we recommend washing your blindfold before its first wear, especially if you have sensitive skin or eyes. Although your eye covers should be clean and safe to wear without washing first, it is a handmade product that was handled by multiple people. The best way to make sure it is clean is to wash it before you wear it. Please follow our washing instructions, below.

How often should I wash my sleep mask?

If you notice acne/ maskne forming where the eye covers touch your skin or you see a color change anywhere in the mask, then it’s past time to wash your sleeping mask. To prevent these effects, you may like to wash your blind fold as often as you wash your bedsheets or pajamas.

How should I wash my sleep mask and storage pouch?

For best results, we recommend using eco-friendly, sensitive, or baby laundry detergent because they contain less harsh chemicals. This will reduce the risk of residual detergent irritating your eyes or skin. Do not use bleach. Do not dry clean. Hand wash your mask in cold water (around 85ºF/ 30ºC). Squeeze or press the water out, but do not wring. Lay flat to air dry. Do not tumble dry.

If you’d prefer to machine wash, you can, but this increases the risk of damaging your blindfold and creates a risk of the hook fasteners snagging things. You can reduce these risks by placing your sleeping mask in a mesh laundry bag, using a gentle or hand wash cycle, washing the mask without other items in the machine, and following all other washing instructions already mentioned.

Your OwlzzZ storage pouch may be washed without the mask inside of it using any of the methods mentioned above. However, we recommend washing the pouch as infrequently as possible because the printing will wear off.

Can I iron my sleep mask?

While our official recommendation is “Do not iron", if you carefully follow our instructions below, you can get wrinkles out by ironing only the mask’s head band fabric area. Never iron the storage pouch, elastic band, tag, or eye cups.

To iron your sleep mask's head band: first remove the eye cups, then iron the fabric mask band (not the elastic or tag) using medium to medium-high heat (or "cotton” setting) with moderate to no steam. Use quick strokes; do not leave the iron in the same spot for more than one or two seconds. If you notice a smell, stop immediately to prevent melting the foam inside the band.