100% Blackout, Guaranteed

After 7 years of struggling to find a perfect sleep eye mask, we invented OwlzzZ Sleep Mask.

We Believe the Ideal Sleep Mask Is:

A Perfect Fit

Create a total blackout around your eyes, nose, most face masks, and some BiPAP/ CPAP masks with OwlzzZ' infinitely repositionable eye cups and adjustable elastic strap.

Deep 3D Contoured Eye Covers

Open your eyes without the mask touching your eyelids or eyelashes, including eyelash extensions in average to short lengths. Won't smudge eye makeup, either. 

Soft & Comfy

"Like a hug for your face." Encircle your eyes with memory foam wrapped in soft cotton jersey, with cushy fabric against your ears and soft touch elastic in back. Plus extra comforts for side sleepers, below.

Durable & Washable

Quality materials and stitches instead of glue mean OwlzzZ' eye mask won’t fall apart in the wash like others do. Thick, wide elastic maintains its tension longer, too.

Extra Comforts for Side Sleepers

All elastic, buckles, seams, and tags are on the back, so they can't press on your ears and wake you up.

When you roll over, our eye covers' low density memory foam automatically flattens— instead of shifts — maintaining the sleep mask blackout effect and creating very little pressure compared to other memory foam sleep masks. A must for sinus and headache sufferers!

I Want This

Not a Cheap Airplane Eye Cover:

Free Travel Pouch

Made without mesh or plastic, so your sleep eye mask can stay clean and fresh. Folds compact and ties to your carry-on for easy access on airplanes, trains, and buses.

No Smells or Stains

Many memory foam sleep masks emit a smell that can irritate sensitive eyes, nose, or skin; but OwlzzZ doesn't. And our colorfast materials won’t stain your sheets.

No Hair Tangles

Adjustable elastic strap won’t get stuck in your hair or snag pillows, like sleeping masks with hook fasteners do.

No Front Logo

We believe logos don’t belong on your face. OwlzzZ' subtle logo tag is on the back with handy washing instructions, too.